Motorcycle accident fatality rate shows the importance of helmets

We often write about the dangers that motorcyclists face on Tennessee roads and highways. Because the vehicles are smaller, less visible and offer less protection, motorcycle accidents are more likely to be fatal than comparable car accidents. Most riders are already aware of the heightened risks they face, but accident and fatality statistics provide even more proof. […]

News Reports of Car Crashes

Fourteen employees of a senior citizen’s development in Neptune and a 40-year-old Keansburg woman were injured in a car versus bus accident in Neptune Thursday afternoon. The accident occurred around 3:30 p.m. as the employees were being transported to the 98-acre community on a shuttle from the Asbury Park train station. The shuttle bus was […]

Work Place Accidents with Roofing Contractors

A roofing contractor plunged 40 feet after the roof gave way Monday morning in a New Jersey workplace accident. The contractor fell through the roof, only to land in a tank containing nitric acid. The contractor suffered burns from head-to-toe after being submerged in the corrosive acid. The tank reportedly contained a 40 percent to […]

Triangulation Worries

Staff at the Department of Health and Human Services has used the term “triangulation” more often over the past few weeks than anyone thought possible. Triangulation is at the bottom of a nationwide controversy about the National Practitioner Data Bank. The NPDB is the government-sponsored database of adverse actions against all health care providers, including malpractice payments, […]

Driver in Fatal Lynx Bus Accident Had Unremarkable Driving Record

The driver of the Lynx bus that struck and killed a 10-year-old boy on November 5 had a driving record with no more than the average number of collisions, the Orlando Sentinel reported today. His work-related driving record included several commercial vehicle accidents that did not involve injuries, and his personal driving record includes one […]

Rider University Student Car Accident

A motor vehicle collision between a van and a dump truck claimed the life of a man and left other people seriously injured on Route 1. Police say that the van was carrying a family to the airport for their return trip to china when the van slammed into the back of the dump truck. […]

Shark Attacks on the Rise

Though shark attacks really are an unusual occurrence 2015 had an extraordinarily lot of documented shark problems, with six deaths authorized and increased than 98 people hurt. In 2014, sharks hurt around the world just 62 people while simply 20 everyone was injured in 2004. Regardless of the mathematical climb in shark problems, researchers think […]

Florida’s Comparative Negligence Law

In some instances, anyone you’re seeking to store liable for your car accidents in Tampa may change and say that you are really to blame (atleast in part) — for inducing the crash that generated your incidents and/or in making your own personal injuries worse. If you do reveal some level of mistake to your […]

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – Tyler, Texas Bankruptcy Attorneys

Creditor harassment, threatening words, foreclosure updates and past-due your daily life can be overwhelmed by bills. However, it is feasible to acquire a clean financial start with filing for bankruptcy protection. Contact Your Bankruptcy Law Attorney Staff and your Texas Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in the Law Office of Gordon Mosley recognize that a bankruptcy […]